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Book Sale

What: Used Book and Homeschool Curriculum Sale

Book Sale 2024 Guidelines 

Book Sale 2024 Category and Grade List 

When: Monday, May 27th 2024 (Registration closes on May 20th, a week before the sale.)

Where: Crossroads Church, Hwy 154 Campus, Upper floor

Who may sell: Anyone may sell as long as they are registered (use the link above). The sale is open for sellers to purchase items first and then it is opened to the public, there is no registration needed to shop.

This is essentially a consignment sale for homeschool curriculum.

What You Can Sell: Anything Related to Homeschooling

Educational curriculum & books: board, readers, chapter, novels, literature, reference, student Bible study, home economics, etc; workbooks, unit studies, student how to books, guides, manipulatives, canvas charts, timelines, educational supplies, educational games, software, puzzles, art/craft books/supplies, coloring books, art history books, art prints, composer study/music, flash cards, atlases/maps, academic planners, teaching resources. If you’re unsure, please ask.

What You Cannot Sell

We have discovered that some books/items do not sell very well and have prioritized to use table space for student curriculum.

DO NOT BRING parent resource books such as adult leisure reading, planning, organizing, cooking, child development, adult Bible study, Christian living, toys, non-eductional games, DVDs or VHS tapes.

Notes: Same format as previous years. Open to the public for buying and selling.

Registration: Coming soon!

Contact with any questions: Amy Cox

Transcription Services

Parents of high school students may obtain a transcript accredited by the Georgia Accreditation Commission by working with our transcript counselor. While an accredited transcript is not required for homeschool graduation, many EN families find that it is helpful when applying for college, other post-secondary programs, scholarships, or jobs.

This optional service is available for an extra fee and with a signed agreement, and requires that parents and students complete all program requirements. Parents who do not wish to use this service may compile their student’s transcript on an independent track or use another transcript service.

Please contact our transcript counselor at [email protected] for more information.

Please complete the Transcript Request Form to obtain transcript copies. 

Eagle's Nest Scholarship Fund

Any Eagle’s Nest high school senior who is planning to attend college, vocational school, or some other form of post-secondary education is welcome to apply for the Eagle's Nest scholarship. We intend for the scholarship to be given to a student each year for as long as current and future donations to this scholarship fund make it possible.

One scholarship recipient per school year will be selected by the Eagle’s Nest Board of Directors, excluding any board members whose children are applying for the scholarship that year. The scholarship will go to a student who has shown exemplary conduct and character, and who has made a positive contribution to Eagle’s Nest over the years. The recommendations of EN tutors and leaders will be considered along with the content of the student’s application.

If your graduating senior is interested in applying for this year’s Eagle's Nest Scholarship, please have the student complete the application and turn it in by May 1, 2025. 

If you would like to make a donation to this scholarship fund, please contact Kelli Yarbrough - EN Treasurer for details.

Click here to fill out the application

Presidential Volunteer Service Award

High school students who log a minimum of 100 hours of eligible volunteer service activities in a year (August 1-July 31) can receive the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. The application for the award will be sent out to Eagle’s Nest members early in the school year. If you think your student may be eligible for this award, please keep a log of the volunteer activities, dates, and hours so we can determine eligibility. This service is offered to members of Eagle's Nest. 

*Please note that per PVSA rules, the following activities do not count toward the required hours: donating funds, political lobbying, religious instruction, conducting worship service, proselytizing, court-ordered community service, or serving only family members.

Contact with any questions: Kate Walker

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing for 2024 will be Mon May 13th and Tues May 14th.


TEST USED: We will administer the IOWA test of Basic Skills through BJU Press.

COST: $55 per student (plus one day volunteering or an added non-volunteer fee)

REGISTRATION FORM: https://form.jotform.com/240573729252156


Contact with any questions: Amy Cox

2024 Test Information:

When is testing? Mon May 13th and Tues May 14th.

Where is testing? Crossroads Church in Newnan (2564 GA Hwy 154 Newnan, GA 30265).

Who can test with this group? Testing is open to homeschooled students in grades 2-12. Membership in Eagle’s Nest is not required to participate. Students enrolled in a public or private school are not eligible for this test.

Does my child have to take a standardized test? All homeschooled students in Georgia are required to take a standardized test at least every three years starting in grade 3. Some parents choose to have their children take a standardized test every year as a tool to help assess their progress.

What test are we using? We will be using the Iowa Test again this year (the ITBS). The Iowa Test is an academic achievement test to track your student’s progress, not a cognitive or IQ test, and it meets state homeschool testing requirements.

What is covered by the test fee? The test fee pays for the cost of the Iowa Test, the rental fee for use of the church facility, snacks, and supplies. The fee is $50 per student. If parents are unable to help during testing, an additional non-volunteer fee is added.

Why are parents required to help? We are ALL volunteers. EN testing is planned, administered, and supervised by parent volunteers. If you register for testing, you will be required to help with testing or pay an additional non-volunteer fee.

We will need certified test administrators! If you have at least a bachelor’s degree and would be willing to administer the test to a group of students, please let us know. There is no cost to register, and we will be happy to help you with the process.

Where do I turn in my registration? You can fill out the form through the link above or print the pdf at the other link above and mail your registration form and check to Amy Cox (169 Middlebury Ln. Newnan, GA 30265) or drop it in the Standardized Test folder at Eluminatus or Voyagers.

Make checks payable to ENCHEA.