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Performing Arts

The Eagle's Nest Performing Arts Department offers the following classes:

1st Semester:
Junior Musical: 3rd - 8th grade
Drama 1: 6th-12 grade
Musical Theatre/Show Choir: 7th-12th grade
Advanced Drama: 8th-12th grade
Murder Mystery: 6th-12th grade
Choir: 2nd-12th grade

2nd Semester:
Elementary Drama: 3rd-5th grade
Choir: 2nd-12th grade
Spring Musical: 6th-12th grade

Please visit our Class and Club Registration page for class descriptions and details on how to register.

Personal Ad for Mary Poppins Program

Attention Parents of Students in Mary Poppins! Ads for the program for the upcoming show are available for purchase. Just fill out the form here and submit $25 per ad. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Cox

Mary Poppins Audition Information

Here is all the info for auditioning for Mary Poppins!

ALL audition materials are now available through this Google Drive link that has folders for each character.  You can print the scene and use the music to learn the lines for the song. 

 Google drive:


Each auditioning student needs to have a separate Audition Registration Form filled out. 

You can fill out the form here:  https://form.jotform.com/220098770401047

Auditions will be January 5th from 12-5 at Crossroads Church on the second floor in rooms 205 and 208. You must be a member of EN for your child to audition and you must be a member of the Performing Arts Department to participate in the show. 

Your child will have a specific time for their individual audition, in which they will sing a song from the show and perform a scene from the show (unless they are auditioning only for ensemble.) Everyone will attend a group dance audition. I will provide an Audition Call Time list in a few weeks after receiving Audition Registration Forms.  Please also know that we may have a need for callbacks in which we would get in touch with you. 

Commitment Form must be signed by both a parent and each student to participate. (one form per student participating). Please review this form in its entirety. It outlines the required rehearsals and performances as well as expectations and commitments from parents and students.  You must turn in these forms, printed in person, on the day of auditions. The Commitment Form is located in the main “Mary Poppins” folder on the google drive. The Musical Participation Commitments are also listed on the poster to the right of this info for quick refernce

There is a sheet in the main “Mary Poppins” page (on the drive) called “Character Breakdown” that tells which parts have solos, speaking roles, dancing requirements, etc. Some may wish to only be in an ensemble role and won’t want a speaking part or solo. There is a chance for you to indicate this on the Audition Registration Form. It is helpful to know this info before, because we will not require them to have an individual audition if they just desire to be in the ensemble. They will just need to attend the dance audition. However, if a student loves to sing, they are welcome to sing a portion of the “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” song. The list is also provided so that students know ahead of time what they would have to do to pull off that part. 

Side Note:  Elementary students may only audition for the roles of Jane or Michael or for an ensemble role. There will be a small number of students chosen for the ensemble. All elementary students will have to dance. They should all be familiar with “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” in case they are asked to sing. ***It is important to note that rehearsals will be long and students will be expected to focus and pay attention. 

There will be a $130 per student fee for participating in the musical that includes a tshirt and copy of the video.  This fee is due by January 31. If you have multiple kids in the show, we can extend the due date. Please see me for details! There will also be $20 due April 1 to help go towards concessions and money will be needed the week of the show, if desired, to purchase meals on the long days. The Commitment Form and the attached PDF fully outline the requirements for parents and students to participate. 

I am so excited to get started on this project! Mary Poppins has been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl. I hope you are as excited as I am! See you soon!

Lauren Lundberg


Audition Requirements

Performing Arts Opportunities

The Eagle’s Nest Performing Arts Department offers opportunities for students to experience performance through many different avenues. Expression and creativity through performance is a skill that is a valuable outlet for a student’s growth and maturity. Performance of any kind increases leadership skills, discipline, studying/practicing habits, and public speaking. It heightens a student’s confidence and gives them an incredible goal of excellence and sense of accomplishment upon completion.

Our department offers opportunities in music, drama, choir, and improvisation.


Past Performances